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Cribbage Boards

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Scrimshaw Cribbage Boards
Item #scrimshaw-cribbage-boards
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Scrimshaw Cribbage Boards
These Scrimshaw Style Resin
Cribbage Boards Look Amazing.

Comes with Magnetic peg storage,
simply push down to reveal the hidden compartment.

The Dimensions are 9 inches long by 3 1/2 inches wide by 1/2 inch thick.

Each board has Suede Backing and comes with a Classy Gift Box.

Choose From:
Black Labrador (out of stock)
Grizzly Bear
Grey Wolf
Humpback Whale (out of stock)
Pacific White Sided Dolphin
Emperor Penguin
USS Constitution (out of stock)
Boston (out of stock)
Lighthouse and Ship (out of stock)
Engraved Eagle (out of stock)
Engraved Humpbacks (out of stock)
Engraved Bass (out of stock)
Engraved Ship (out of stock)
Sperm Whale (out of stock)