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Handbook of Cribbage
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Handbook of Cribbage
Handbook of Cribbage: Containing Full Directions for Playing All the Varieties of The Game and The Laws Which Govern Them

Of the origin of Cribbage we are not aware that anything is known further than that it is essentially an English game.

The game of Cribbage is entirely distinct and different from all other card-games. The method of playing it, and the constant variety of combinations which present themselves, render it one of the most interesting and fascinating games.

To those who have become familiar with, and have mastered the characteristic peculiarities of the game, it offers an attractive pastime, requiring only an occasional moment of transient mental effort, and leaving the players ample opportunity for social intercourse. The game is played with a full pack of fifty-two cards: Sixty-one points constitutes the game. These points are scored on a Cribbage Board, of which a representation is here given. It consists of two longitudinal divisions, one division for each player's independent score. Each division contains sixty holes; and at one end, between the divisions, is another hole, called the " game-hole," which is common to both, making each sixty-one points. For convenience in scoring, each division is marked off in subdivisions of five points each.

The board is placed either across or lengthways between the players. It is a matter of indifference how the board is placed; but the count must commence from that end which contains the sixty-first, or game-hole; beginning at the outside edge (A or B), and passing along it to the top, then down the inside row to game. (See Diagram on page 2)

Four pegs (of which each player uses two), are used for scoring.

Scoring is done by advancing the lower peg and counting the points ahead of the front peg. Like a horse race, this movement of pegs will lead the winning player to the sixty-first, or game-hole.