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Cribbage Box with Dominoes
Item #Cribbage-Box-with-Dominoes
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Cribbage Box with Dominoes
Cribbage and dominoes come together in their most compact form
in this hearty board game set!

This sturdy wood cribbage board has 2 full tracks and 6 sturdy metal pegs, allowing game flexibility from the quick to the epic.

Below the board is a compartment for storing the pegs, and comes with a complete set of double six dominoes.

Dimensions: 8.5 L x 3 W x 2 D

Natural wood board
2 full-sized tracks
Red felt-lined bottom
6 1 Metal Pegs (3 silver, and 3 gold)
Hinged storage for 28 double 6 dominoes
Weight: 2 lbs.