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Delight Your Favorite Veteran With A Cool and Classic Cribbage Board
Did you know that cribbage played a special part in our nation's military history?

For many, cribbage may seem like just a fun game to enjoy on a lazy Saturday, but for the submariners of the United States, cribbage is more than just a pastime. During World War II, a submarine commander and avid cribbage player named Rear Admiral Richard Hetherington “Dick” O'Kane served our nation aboard the USS Tang and the USS Wahoo, leading more successful attacks on Japanese shipping than any other fighting submarine officer during the war.

As an avid cribbage player, his cribbage board has become a timeless symbol of the submariners of the United States Navy. In fact, cribbage lore among submariners is that while patrolling in the shallow waters of the Yellow Sea during its fourth war patrol, World War II hero Dudley “Mush” Morton dealt O’Kane a perfect 29, the highest possible score for combinations in a single cribbage deal! The crew felt that it was a lucky omen and Wahoo sank two Japanese freighters that night. In 2007, the USS Kamehameha became the final resting place of O'Kane's beautifully restored board. The ship and its crew were and still are delighted by the honor of carrying one of the Navy's most treasured pieces of history.

While may not be able to supply you with a board like O'Kane's, we can do our part in paying homage to so many veterans who have bravely served our country. At, we're proud to carry a wide variety of Cribbage Boards, Cribbage Pegs and more, that are sure to delight any veteran, especially avid players of the game who remember enjoying it during their own time in the military. Beautifully crafted and designed to complement any cribbage player's rich history and unique personalty, our Unique Cribbage Boards are crafted from the finest woods available, with an impeccable attention to detail 'across the board'!

However, that's not what's most important about the Cribbage Boards from To give back to those who have served our country through the years in their military service, 100% of orders from our store support disabled American veterans.

Give back to your nation's veterans and capture a tradition that has lived on through the dedication of so many members of the military. Sit down with a veteran that you know and play a round of cribbage using one of the beautiful and unique cribbage boards from Choosing one of our boards as a gift for a veteran is like gifting them twice! Add to that the priceless pleasure of letting them teach you to play this addictively fun game, and we predict you'll be back to get a cribbage board of your own in no time!

Mrs. Muggins~Mrs. Muggins