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Rainbow 3/16" Cribbage Pegs
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Rainbow 3/16" Cribbage Pegs

These Rainbow Cribbage Pegs are 1 3/8" long, 1/4" head and have a rounded tip that won't scratch your boards.

Brown is only color in stock.

Comes with 4 pegs.

The Rainbow, Ball Top, Hex Head, Round Tip, and Oversized Balltop Pegs are a LARGER DIAMETER than standard 1/8" holes.

These pegs are for 3/16" holes and will only fit the Drueke Premier Cribbage Board

For Standard 1/8" Diameter Pegs in Rainbow Colors, Select the Nylon Pegs

Choose your Velvet or Satin Drawstring Pouch:

If you want to mix a set (example: 2 Red, 2 Blue);
simply order 1 set of Red (4 total pegs).

In the comments section at the bottom of your checkout page, type
"I want my 4 pegs to be 2 Red and 2 Blue"